Kraken Onion is the main dark web site for today

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Why is the kraken so popular

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It turns out that the Kraken, like any other resource, goes out of order and may not work for some time. This causes inconvenience to customers and negatively affects store sales. To overcome this problem, the creators of Kraken created a developed network of mirrors that can be used during the shutdown of

Why the Kraken stops working

There are two main reasons why the site becomes temporarily unavailable:
1. Repair and maintenance work. Like it or not, the administration of the resource from time to time must close the site and carry out technical work. This does not take much time, but does not suit impatient users;
2. DDoS attacks. Such attacks are most often carried out by competitors and law enforcement agencies. So they fight the Kraken and try to destroy it.

What are Kraken mirrors and where to find them

When the Kraken site goes down, moderators immediately connect other domain addresses to the Kraken darknet database, which can be used to access the site. This is how the mirrors of the Kraken appear. Finding them on the Internet is not difficult at all. On various resources you can find links to working mirrors. However, you should beware of scammers who distribute incorrect addresses in order to trap you and steal your data.